Trying hard to stay positive

I have had back issues for about nine years. I noticed about two years ago my legs and feet were always numb. My back doctor said it could be MS but it was probably my back. I had other signs of MS but I didn't want to go their. About a year later my legs are still always numb but now my hand and arms are numb most of the time. Doctor said maybe carpal tunnel. October 2016 I had two times my arm didn't work at all. Then I was on a walk, my mom was behind me. My legs stopped working. I fell and was bruised. My mom said I looked like a log falling. I emailed my family doctor. He said go to a neurologist. Soonest I could get in was 2 months. I was still hoping it was my back. Got into my back doctor the following week. He said I think it MS Let's do a back, neck, and brain MRI. When he read my MRI. He told me that you have many severe back issues but it not your back causing this. He said you have many lesions in your frontal lobe. He got me into a neurologist who did a spinal tap and blood work. Who then kindly spent 45 minutes tell me I have MS but most the lesions aren't old and life will be different but I will be ok. I'm on Copaxone having a few side effects. Having dealt with back pain for years I hope this will just seem a little more to deal with. I'm a librarian at a middle school. I just want to enjoy my school children. My two adult children and first grandchild. I'm scared of what my future will look like. I am staying active by swimming and walking. I am trying to eat better. My husband is so supportive but I know he is also having a hard time. I have many symptoms and I'm trying so hard to stay positive.

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