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Trying to Beat the Heat

When you’re living in Florida it’s the worst the heat is horrible. On top of having a mess I have neuropathy. The thing that gets to me most is missing my three beautiful granddaughters. They live in PA but I’m planning to move with them to Colorado. Moving from hot to cold is going to be a shock to my system.

But, anyway I could write a novel. I’m 56 got a MS when I was 23 right after the birth of my son. In 1985, I had him in August and got MS in December. From there on believe me I’ve been through a lot.

I do need people to talk to. I take no MS medicine I’ve just been dealing with it and like I said I could write a novel. I’m sure others could too so thank you for letting me share some of what I have been experiencing. I have tons more!!!


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  • aparks
    11 months ago

    If you are taking no MS medicine, this book may be very helpful for you:

    ‘Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D’ by Ana Claudia Domene

  • Kelly McNamara moderator
    1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing with the community @lips21205. Keep us updated on the move if you can and how you’re dong with the colder weather. – Kelly, Team Member

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