Undiagnosed and confused

Hi y'all... I'm almost 47... For years I've had so many of the symptoms... My doctor never once connected any of the dots. Then I had went with out insurance for a couple years.. so when I was able to go back to the Dr. his son had taken over the practice... Needless​ to say.. I bombarded the poor man with all these symptoms.. And the first question he had asked was.. Have you been tested for M.S.?

So he did blood work on me.. My vitamin B and D levels were low.. and liver enzymes were high...( Oh..I failed to mention..I am a Bariatric patient. I have malabsorption.. ) So I am taking extra vitamins and go back to say if my b and d have gone up.. And if symptoms are better... If not he's sending me to a neurologist.

He also sent me for an MRI. With and with out contrast... No lesions.

For many years I've have trouble with restless legs... I my vision gets blurry on and off..(going for new glasses in two weeks which is long over due... They will be dilating my eyes to look for any damage to optical nerves) I have a hard time emptying my bladder.. stinging and tingling and burning in my face (mostly right side) and on my scalp. I'm constantly dropping things (cuz I loose the feeling and sensations in my hands ) and I've lost so much of my strength in the last few years.i stagger when I walk. My EARS are constantly ringing... Which drives me absolutely bonkers!!! Pain on the top of my hands and feet at random times.. I do have degenerative disc disease in my lower back with bulging disk.. the MRI showed that I have bulging disc, narrowing of spinal canal, and stenosis in two areas..

I have a long way to go before I get a diagnosis from what I've been reading.. it worries me... I know that I have a lot going on.. but most of these symptoms that I have I have had for a very long time.. I'm just scared.. I don't know what to expect... And I'm so frustrated that my old Dr didn't think about all the things I have had going on... On and off thru out the years I've gone to him...

This all is so scary to me... Thank you for taking the time to read my post... I just had to get this off my chest...

Any suggestions or anything would be so helpful and appreciated!! Thanks y'all!!

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