Undiagnosed and Uncomfortable

In December of 2017, I woke up at four in the morning with a sharp/unbearable pain in the corner of my right eye and double vision. I stood up and started to vomit. We rushed to the emergency room for an eight hour day.

The emergency room doctor said all of my tests were normal and sent me to a neurologist and ophthalmologist to check for vision problems or MS. I’ve seen a million doctors since then of all kinds, even a kidney doctors, and the only treatment I’ve gotten is for high blood pressure.

I’m exhausted and my vision has never been the same. At my last appointment, my neurologist told me to come back if I started to drag my foot or in a year for another MRI. I’m exhausted and the vision situation makes my daily work life quite difficult. I’ve always been healthy and active so this is a new territory for me. I’m incredibly frustrated and would appreciate any advice or similar stories.

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