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Undiagnosed in Husband

Hi my name is Kendra and I live here in Southern MO. Before moving here two years ago we were on the path to getting a diagnosis for my husband. However, after moving here and having nothing be confirmed through MRI we are at a standstill.

My husband has hit 14 out of the 15 markers for the possibility of having MS. The only one he didn’t hit was “changes in menstrual cycle” for obvious reasons. The doctor tried him on a blast of steroids to “test” if he responded well at high doses then gradually feeling worse after tapering off.

I’m just curious if anyone has been through this and how do we get a solid diagnosis? I this so hard seeing him in so much pain. Are there options for those who have no insurance or are under insured?

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  • Singalot
    12 months ago

    According to my Neurologist and some things I have researched, lesions sometimes don’t show, they can be hidden deep in the gray matter, they can be very faint, sometimes technique. As everyone is unique…I’m that way, it showed in my very first MRI and the lesions were very faint in the spine and brain I found some looking closely and showed to my neurologist who confirmed. I’m a hard read in blood work and all kinds of medical tests. Get the copies, they are now on disk and get a second or third opinion. I have had MS from a child. Good luck

  • Harleydog1
    12 months ago

    There has to something apply for food stamps try Medicare Disability. That’s what I had to do.right now my legs are hurting so bad I could knock hole in the wall. I wish you will and good luck

  • tsokolowski
    1 year ago

    I too have gone through being told i have it i don’t.I found my doctor and she gave me a spinal tap and i do not have but 2 lesions on my when i went for a second opinion they couldn’t take away my diagnosis.ask for a spinal tap .i toi was told strokes ,name it.good luck to you and your husband

  • Dimples22
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed after abruptly coming down with MS after four two weeks in ICU and a total of six weeks at UCLA. The only determining factor was a brain MRI. It’s an easy procedure but, if he DOES have MS, the MRI will show lesions on his brain. Good luck with the diagnosis. And if it is determined it IS MS, GET ON RX immediately!

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