Let's start by saying that everyone has different reactions, but this is mine...

I know when I get UTI'S, I have been prone to them the last 6 years, so I am almost always late to go to my GP or Urologist to get meds. I don't know why I wait so long because the meds make me feel like myself (my MS self). To me, I know my body and when I have developed a UTI I don't get the normal pain when you urinate or odor until it's too late....this normally happens 2-3 weeks later....I normally start with hot-flashes, then my MS symptoms (especially my walking-I used to refer to it as bouncing against the walls) go haywire, then the frequent peeing. I still work at an office (thanks to my wonderful husband driving me there) so I try and make my appts at the end of the work day (if I can-they are usually last minute calls), but my FMLA Sick Time is running out quick with my regular neurologist (and MRI, bloodwork, thyroid etc) appts. So I will have to use unpaid leave soon. I cannot retire yet-I am 52, but my husband is only just 62 (and self employed) and I carry the health insurance...the way things are now is that if I retire now they will cover me but not him....but I am getting ready!?

There is a lot to think about...the urologist is talking self-catherization? but I am reluctant...but if it will limit or eliminate UTI'S I am willing to try anything.

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