Valentine's Day

Well my story starts off on February 14, 2015 I woke with a numb foot that persisted all day long I told my husband I didn't want to go for dinner I didn't feel right I was just going to go to bed I woke up the next morning with a numb. I was talking to my friend on the phone telling her what happened and she thought it was a stroke and I should go to emergency I waited for a few hours and then cited to get my ass and take me to emergency they figured it was a stroke can we overnight sent me home the next day . I was home alone my boys are in school and has been without work I was having a cup of tea and I looked down to have a drink it was gone I've spilled it all down my left side without feeling it. I thought maybe I need to eat something so I tried eating some crackers and hummus and kept missing my mouth. I got scared and called the taxi. I got to go outside I felt really dizzy so I canceled the taxi and called the ambulance. Errands took me back to the same hospital they saw me right away send me to a different hospital. Once at the new hospital they did this CG and waited for results. They told me they saw for lesions on that. The next day I was sent for an MRI. Later I was given the news that it was MS. Really knew nothing about it so was kind of nervous. I was doing fine and then they started steroids. After the steroids I went downhill not walking well hand more like a claw I was on steroids for nine days IV steroids then on oral for another five in hospital for a total of 30 days. I couldn't walk I couldn't use my left side at all left the hospital in a wheelchair. Came home devastated crippled frustrated scared and just kept trying to make myself stronger and stronger and stronger which I did that with Pyhsio and the love of a good man and, family. Here I am five months later walking on my own using my left arm starting to write again doing better but still not not the life I thought I'd have 47 years old and is looking forward to turning 50 in doing so many things on my bucket list but unfortunately I'm going to have to change I'm alive right what is moving assisted-living is this what is pain and suffering every day I'm sure that's what I want.

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