Needing to Vent

Last updated: March 2019

I am posting this today because I simply need to vent. I am not looking for advice or suggestions because trust me, I have probably thought of them all.

Living in an extremely rural part of the northern part of the country, this year we have had almost record snowfall. Roofs collapsing, snow up to your windows, with the report that an elderly lady called 911 because she was snowed in, in her house. You get the picture.

My constant companion is an 8 pound maltese/shi tzu mix. I truly feel sorry for her sometimes because she got stuck with me. There are times when I can't do anything with her outside...there is no place to safely walk. So we stay indoors... A Lot! On top of the m.s. I was also recently dxd with "adhesive capsulitis" or frozen shoulder. My primary arm no less. It' a very painful condition that drastically limits your range of motion. I'm still waiting for a call from the drs. office so I can get to the next step in getting this thing fixed.

So anyway, on my way in to town yesterday, (20 minutes away) I bundled my dog up and thought we will stop in at the "center". An old middle school that with the taxpayers money is used for different classes such as yoga, zoomba, etc. There are very few people that you will run into as you use the steps and walk the tiny halls and needless to say, Emma my dog was having a great time. The couple people we did see made a fuss over her, even picking her up. I was feeling exhuberant thinking "at last, a place we can come to for even a few minutes to have something to do and somewhere to go with safe walking!"

I had gotten online to see if they had any policies about pets. They didn't.

Even as we entered the building a lady brought in her feisty, growling dog carrying it in her arms and I thought she must be one of the ones that rents a room to try to sell her merchandise?

Well Emma and I made the mistake of walking past the building manager's room. " Are you walking your dog? How much longer will you be here? Don't make it a habit," and so on.

Now I realize that they don't need a building full of dogs peeing everywhere,
tripping people up in their leashes, etc.

The truth is I felt crushed. Without even coming out to talk to us, we were kicked out of the building. So much for trying to find a safe place to walk.

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