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I have been reading a lot of stories about peoples varied experiences with the dreaded MS. The lack of understanding from our family & friends of our symptoms has really upset me, but it also got me thinking…I have come up with a great ‘visual’ to describe how I feel when I get fatigued-‘it feels like I have small sand bags all over my body & I am trying to move with them on.’ I am not ‘just’ tired. You cannot ‘cure’ my symptoms with sleep, exercise or PT!

I have had MS for over 14 years & I remember telling my boys (10 & 12 then) that this was not a death sentence, I would still be Mom but I would just have to lie down & rest sometimes but give me 5 minutes & I would be fine. That was 14 years ago. I have slowly decreased in my mobility over the last 3 years going to a cane & now a walker. I must go out of state for my sons’ wedding next month, I am a little leary about the plane trip & hotel, but I think I have made all the calls/preparations (I will let you know after I get back). My son has told me that he will dance with me even if he has to hold me up! I will use a wheelchair at the wedding so that I can last longer because I am determined to last the whole night!

This is a daily ordeal we live with, but with the support of my wonderful husband I will thrive the best I can!

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  • Dianna lyn
    4 years ago

    Julie, thank you for your post! I also have had to deal with MS for years now (looking back, I had told my children the same I had just needed to rest for awhile during the days I was tired) but, I still kept going….i attended my daughters wedding in 2009 and I wasn’t in a wheelchair..thank the Lord! And now, to this day I give the Lord the glory I am not in a wheelchair yet? Thank you Lord! I do remember my neurologist telling me in 2007 in two years, that I would be?? Huh? I have learned everything all over again how to walk, talk, and remember things differently now..praise the Lord..yes, I give the mighty Lord all the credit because, I could not do this by myself..i am way too little. Way too little to get on that plane by myself without a wheelchair but he is with me..i just got back from visiting my family, and yes I was very scared but I did it..thank you for your post and you can do it too…

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