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Walk On


Just wanted to share.

I’ve been diagnosed with MS for a number of years.

The flu like symptoms and neurological pain in my feet, legs, and arms never really goes away.

Yet, last summer I walked over 1000 miles in a company health challenge. Before I started the health challenge, my feet, ankles, and shins were in constant pain. When walking, every step felt like walking over sharp small stones. One mile a day, turned into two, then three, until late into the summer I was walking 15 miles a day, sometimes 7 days a week.

When I hit 1000 miles, I was ranked 11th in the run/walk health challenge.

Not bad for someone almost 60 with MS.

I average 16 – 20 minutes a mile.

So it takes about 3 and a half hours to walk 10 miles.

On a good day I do 10 miles in the morning, and 5 miles in the evening.

Takes about 5 hours.

One secret is lots of music on an iPod. It makes the miles fly by.

I also lost over 30 pounds, dropping from 186 pounds 154 by the end of summer.

Now the MS related pain and stiffness is still with me, but walking is my way of pushing back. I’d like to think, that the physical activity will help my body find new pathways around those broken by MS.

For 2013, I’m hoping to walk 3000 miles, 300 miles a month for 10 months. It would be like walking across the United States.

On target so far at 382 miles and counting…..

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  • Cindy
    6 years ago

    I would like too tell you that is so inspirational. I too have never been one to walk and last November I had a blackout and my neurologist reported it to DMV and they took my license. I used to joke that I was allergic to walking. Well since then I have started walking and I agree, plenty of music to listen too and I am up to 3.5 miles. But for me that is a huge accomplishment. I have found I love walking and I am 52, disabled and have MS as well. I am looking forward to reaching longer goals. I average about 15.47 mins a mile. I can relate with how bad the pain in the feet is and the numbness that is a constant. When I walk, as long as I keep up a good pace. The pain is pushed away. Yes when I am done walking, my feet feel a little swollen but I am new to this and hopefully can eventually go so much further as you have. Thank you for your story. God Bless you and prayers that you meet your goal. ~ Cindy

  • Cathy Chester moderator
    6 years ago


    I’m so glad you shared your inspirational story here. You are joyful in all you say, and I believe you have the ability to inspire others. I hope you continue to walk and spread your cheer around. It is something that is needed.

    Thanks so much,

  • Laura Kolaczkowski
    6 years ago

    Joseph, what a great motivational talk you have shared and you get the point home that starting small can lead to big things. Thanks for sharing your success and goals. Good luck on that ‘cross-country trek.’ ~Laura

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