Walking in the Unknown

I was just recently diagnosed 3/27/15 age 32. For two and a half months I walked around unable to feel the bottom of my feet. They both where stiff which made it hard to walk on. Im a nurse so I was extremely had for me to work. Every day and night no relief. My primary doctor didn't think much of it stated that it was a pinched nerve, and to give it some time. I saw a podiatrist who thought it was neuropathy, I saw one neurologist who told me to try a different kind of support shoe (which I wear alegria shoes), so I knew that wasn't it. And then I started to develop weakness up to my knees, and my right arm started to get numb. Thankfully the doctors I worked for saw how miserable I was and ordered MRIs on my spine, lumbar, and cervical which showed demyelination. So now I'm with a new neurologist he did a Lumbar puncture and mri brain that showed lesions. Now I know im not crazy because people where starting to look at me that way. Long story short learning how to just adjust to what's going on and educate myself.

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