A very Weird Journey

Life was great in Michigan back in 1999. Work was good we owned our first house, I was working in my field, teaching Art and Woodshop and loving it. My wife and I went out to enjoy life. The next morning I was incredibly exhausted...more than usual, then out of the blue Grand mal seizures. EMS came took me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with both MS and a brain tumor. Had the brain surgery then the MS began to progress. First very slowly...typical numbness but, an increasing sensitivity to cold temperatures. Painful leg-locking pain.

My loving wife found employment in a warmer state and we moved to California closer to her sister. Then came TB. I was quarantined for at least 6 months, and felt like crap. Since then I've been on disability. I began working on my own art with some success including an international award. I've even begun teaching again in very small groups. Having worked in various studios including a Co-op that I was a founding member of. I taught hand-building ceramics for people with MS.

Currently I'm trying to put forth another set of 6 week classes from my home studio and am seeking sponsors and donations. So far You can find my info at both Fundly.com and Crowdrise.com. Those that have taken the classes seem to really like them and even comment on the therapeutic aspects. You can see some of my work at Facebook.com/hudginsart.

Thanks for letting me share this.

David Hudgins.

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