Wendy's Story

Around 6 years ago I was having issues common with a possible pinched nerve. My right arm was tingly and my back hurt. Then one day I was riding horses with my daughter and we ended up walking the back to the house and I could hardly keep my foot up to walk.

I went to my regular family doc explained what was going on and she sent me for MRI's and blood work. Doctor after doctor and over a year of this run around I landed in a world renowned Neurosurgeon's office. I mentioned to him that when I get hot I have more issues with my functions. He looked at me like I had 3 heads. Well, more tests and then he say's......you need a cervical fusion and you have spinal stenosis. This was great news after such a long time of wondering. He immediately set me up for surgery. After month's of recovery I go back in and tell him there is no difference. This broke my heart that it didn't fix my issues.

My symptoms got worse and I went back to see my family doc. I told her that I seriously think I have MS. Her S-I-L has MS so she set me up with more tests. Finally my MRI's showed lesions. I went to a neurologist and she said yes, it's MS. Primary Progressive to be exact. I felt like I got punched in the throat. I told her about my foot drop and she sent me to PT and I got an AFO.

Then.......I went with my Significant other to bid a job and after we got done talking to the home owners they asked what I did and pointed at my brace. I said I have PPMS. He say's my wife is a head neurologist in a hospital. She gave me her card and I went to see her for a 2nd opinion. She confirmed my diagnosis and asked if I was interested in a clinical trial. I was referred to the trial doctor and it went on from there. I have been in the study for a little over 2 years now. I currently receive infusions every six month's and have check up's in between and travel over 200 miles one way to do this study. My symptoms have worsened since my original issues but I remain optimistic. I will run and write right handed again some day!!

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