What A Birthday

Last updated: August 2018

I was diagnosed on May 18th 2004 which was my birthday. I had had all the symptoms. I mean a list long a year before when I walked into my primary doctor's office. He looked at the note and laughed and told me I was a hypochondriac.

So, it was until the next year when I got optic neuritis then I was sent to a neurologist and all the tests were done. I was told on my birthday that I had tested positive for multiple sclerosis. From that day on my life has changed dramatically. I've had many many problems. I went months without being able to walk have very, very little support.

I'm raising my eight year old grandson which I do get help with him when I need it. And, right now I have a GoFundMe page because I'm wanting to get the stem cell treatment and pray that I raised him money and pray that it's as good as it says this because I really really want my life back.♥️

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