What is my 'job' now?

I was diagnosed in 1999. Cognition is what was affected.....could no longer do my dream job at the bank.

So, I was that stay at home mom for my girls (ages 7 & 9, at that time). Field trips, PTO, RIF, and other committees. After my last one graduated they moved on to start their lives (families, college, etc).

My husband & I became empty nesters, lol. Besides our furkids it's just us. We've had to get to know each other again. Three years ago he switched jobs (the old one he had from 1994). Different schedules that make any planning outrageous.

We've hit a plateau.... We are ships in an ocean a.k.a. more like roommates. Most of the time I'm comfortable. When I'm not and frustration overcomes me I lash out (he catches the brunt of it) we bicker and talk about splitting up.

Which we know we can't because we love our furbabies.... Neither want to disturb their happy home, weird uh?!?!

But, at this point in my life idk what/who I'm supposed to be. My parents have passed (my mom most recently) and I'm the baby of the kids, I feel like a 46 y.o. orphan, silly right?!?!

I usually just state the stats of my life in the forums but I feel so out of place right now in my life. No useful job. (Not suicidal, no worries) just BLAH!

Upside: Infusions are working-no new lesions still JCV negative. Have wonderful nurses and infusion support group.

Have tried - side effects terrible. Then Copaxone - hit plateau after 11 yrs.

Always have cog fog, numbness in all limbs at different times, S/T and L/T memory losses, when I have an "attack" I lose use of my legs...smh. Dad always said I was unique ;-) Of all of his kids to get MS he said I'm the only one that would never let it "get me".

But there it is - my life .

No clue what to do now (job)....but I will never let this dam disease define or beat me.

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