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Hi everyone, my name is Maribeth. Just a little over a year ago I was diagnosed with M.S. To say it rocked my world would be an understatement. See before this life changing disease came my way I have been battling Stage IV Lung Cancer since May of 2007. So to be told, as I am celebrating my 5 years of surviving this stupid cancer that I now have M.S. was baffling.

I mean seriously how can one person take on illness that could change at any moment and then on top of dealing and fighting with that be told, hey guess what you now have M.S. I stopped at my friends house after finding out and had a huge glass of wine because I was so stunned. Of course after coming out of the fog, it all made sense the weird feelings and eye problems I was having the previous two years before diagnosis was not chemo related at all but M.S. related. It also made sense to my oncologist and myself why all the drugs I have been on or clinical trials I have done why I have reacted so severely compared to other patients. We learned with me that never expect anything normal with me as I always throw a curve ball in the mix.
The issues I was having was eye movement problems especially when at work on the computer or trying to read road signs as I was driving. Also issues with the legs and arms at times with numbness. Also for whatever reason my tongue would go numb but not lose sense of taste.

Thankfully before my cancer and M.S. diagnosis I was a puppy raiser for an organization that trains them for people with disabilities. So I knew people with M.S. but until a year ago never understood all of it.

Well, a year later thankfully my cancer is stable and doesn't need any treatment which is good because the last 6 months my M.S. has been nothing but challenging. Changed my M.S. doctor to another one. Is all neurologist seem distant or is it just the nature of the profession. My first doctor was very knowledgeable and well known around my area but I think my cancer scares him as a lot of M.S. drugs can ignite the cancer. So I understand that and one of the reasons I had to switch because I needed a doctor willing to take care of my quality of life and let my oncologist and myself worry about the cancer. Right now I am currently dealing with two different therapies. One for the vertigo and balance issues I have had since November and the 2nd therapy to deal with the pelvic floor issues.

My previous doctor back in November tried the oral steroid and every day injections. Neither worked so he decided to do nothing else. Thankfully I have an awesome oncologist and like myself, was not happy with the sit and let things get worse attitude or hope it goes away. So he got me a new doctor and into therapy.

So in a nutshell that is where I have been and where I am at. Have to say my first oncologist never thought I would make it out of the first year but I did and now I refuse to let M.S. bring me down. It sure is trying but I keep fighting back. As you all know, it sure is not easy some days.

Thanks for listening to my story. Like my cancer it is nice to have sites like this to sound out to other people who are going through what I am going through and talk it through. I have an awesome family and friends that have been with me through thick and thin and feel blessed to have them in my life. Just know it is nice to talk to people who understand all the quirks of M.S. that family and friends may not understand. So at 40 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and at 45 I got M.S.! Have to say I am not a fan of the 40's!

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