How 9/11 and MS came together for me.

How 9/11 and MS came together for me.

On September 11, 2001 I was sitting in the waiting room at my primary care Dr.’s office with my wife CINDY , he got angry at me & said I gave u a referral a yr ago 2 go see a NEUROLOGIST I didn't know time was of the essence & it was . Upon hearing that our nation was under attack, I’m not sure that I comprehended the impact this would have on life as we knew it. While life as we knew it was about to change for all Americans, life as I knew it was about to change forme on a very personal level.

Two weeks later the WOMEN that I had been married to for 22 months would find out that I would be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Wow! That was really 13 years ago!!

I have thought about how our life together would’ve turned out if MS had not intruded. I could tell you many reasons why I hate MS and how much it has taken from our lives but instead; I’m going to think back over these 13 years and try to list what MS has given/taught me.

1. Daily appreciation for life’s fragility stop & smell the roses stop living life so fast & to live STRONG

2.Awareness that what we see on the outside can be so misleading & misunderstood

3.What’s important in our world and what is

4.To be, to be in the moment, to be present

5.Get the most out of life & know everything happens 4 a reason

6.There are many forms of triumph – for an MS patient

7.they are small things that I used 2 take for granted like being able to button your own shirt or brush your teeth.

8.Richer Spirituality

9.Closer Relationship


There you have it! My top 10 that it has taken me 13 years to be able to embrace. 13 years to let go of the negativity, the hatred, the self pity. I could go on and on but I’m so happy to be sharing this life with the WOMEN who still is who she has always been….my one true love.

Yes, multiple sclerosis complicates my life. One thing that helps me get through the rough days, is that I love my CINDY. That makes all the difference. When you love someone, & she loves u unconditionally & she is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to help u be all that u can be in spite of ur illness.

To all of the 9/11 heroes – THANK YOU!! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

To my own personal hero – CINDYl – I love you more than ever!

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