What to do, what to do.

I went to the doctor in 2000 for what I thought was carpel tunnel syndrome. I was told that I had some issues, which I would believe since I worked in a kennel handling large dogs, and worked in an office, but the doctor didn't feel that it required surgery.

I continued on with otc meds to get through. Went to see a pain doctor who said I had fibromyalgia. He prescribed armortyroid (??) and some motrin. I took that for a while but didn't get any better. That doctor put a note in saying I was seeking medication that I didn't need. In the meantime I shattered my ankle and had surgery.

After that, I went to see another doctor for my shoulder. Did an MRI on both shoulders, doctor said he saw no issues and told me to take Motrin. In 2007 I lost my vision in my right eye. I didn't realize that it was as bad as it was until I went to see an eye doctor who was alarmed enough to send me to get an MRI and to see an Neurologist. He realized what was going on and sent me to the hospital after my spinal tap to get on IV Steroids and thankfully, my vision came back.

The Dr and I came up with something that seemed to be best for me, and worked with me, work and pain issues. It wasn't until then that I realized that I WASN'T just a klutz and that all a long my issues were due to my MS. Since then I have moved, have been looking for a job and a doctor to treat me. I have no doctor now, but have been having problems with getting infections. I have had surgery twice due to these infections. I think it may be due to my system attacking itself.

My MS symptoms have gotten worse in the last year since I have been off of my medication. I have a case in for SSD, but they have denied me 2x, even with an attorney, who told me that part of the problem is my age being 36 is young. I 36 would be young if I didn't have all this MS stuff going on.

My husband does most things for me that I can't, but he is also disabled so that makes it hard. I am used to being as self sufficient as I can be. Sometimes the grass needs to be let go for 2 weeks and looks like I could find small children in it. I don't get to garden like I used to, and that makes me more depressed. It's hard to see friends and such since I am about an hour from them. Having no money to spare makes it hard to see people who would normally cheer me up.

I guess that's my story.

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