To All Those Here Who Are Considering a Wheelchair

To all those here who are considering a wheelchair...

When I first received my wheelchair back in 2018, I just assumed it would be easy peasy. My freedom had arrived, after spending eight months bottled up in the house as I refused to get one. I finally agreed to buy it. Boy was I happy. To go back outside again, to visit the store, to feel the wind brush against me. To feel alive once more.

Traveling by wheelchair takes a lot of effort

What I didn’t think of was it actually takes a lot of effort to travel by wheelchair. My arms are quite weak and to venture off by myself is no no.

Also, I never really thought about it before. But being in a wheelchair outside, you have to constantly focus on the ground in front of you. Looking for dips in the pavement, large rocks or steps. Yes, steps are not fun. More challenging than I thought. I still haven’t mastered them all.

My encounter with a speed bump

One day, I just wanted to go out on my own, a quick trip. I wanted freedom and I had some adventure in my blood. I went out through the front door and ventured off down the street. About halfway down I saw a speed bump. Hey, a little roller coaster for us in chairs. I went up slowly. I took my feet off the chair's footrests to balance myself out. Well, I didn’t do it fast enough. Next thing I knew I was falling over backwards. My chair in one direction and me flying in another.

Luckily two people were walking down the other side of the street and ran over to help me.

Embarrassing yes, humiliating even more so.

Lesson learned, one hundred percent.

Accepting a wheelchair gave me freedom again

Overtime I have mastered everything that there is to know about going out in a wheelchair. But that feeling of freedom, that no matter what the disease does to you, if you have will, determination and courage, you will win.

Never do what I did, to refuse to buy one. To refuse to accept how your life has changed. Take that step, trust me, to have that freedom again, it’s priceless.

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