When did my MS arrive?

My name: Laurence Janisse (Larry)

DX 1997 PPMS @ age 55 - must have had MS long before diagnosis. I can recall at various times, prior instances of occurring MS. eg in early 1970s I noticed an unusual vision problem which became to be later diagnosed as glaucoma. Many other incidents occasionally come to mind.

Wheelchair-bound since 2005. Slowly progressing MS symptoms have not yet affected my mind. Physically though, I now require morning and evening personal care assistance 2.5 hrs daily. This arranged through CCAC.

Previous to all of this: married Alice 1966, 3 children in 1972 and 1974 (twins), completed university 1981. Enjoyed Swansea community activities eg. tennis, softball and coaching children's sports. Also travelled extensively. Able to work until 2000.

Recently joined MS Support Group which meets bi-weekly near High Park. Hopefully this blog would be useful for the group

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