When Is It Too Much?

I decided to enter a weight loss contest three years ago. Gradually I increased my beginning fitness program from 5 minutes on a leg press, 5 minutes in a swimming pool, and a 5-minute walk with my dog. Two months later I had increased to 20 minutes of each. I had lost 22 pounds and my dog loved his walks.

The fall that shook me

Then after my Friday workouts, I got up to go to the restroom and fell flat on the floor. I could not feel my legs and thought after 30-plus years with RRMS I had a life-changing exacerbation. I sat there planning ramps and automobile hand controls as I was uncertain if I would walk again. My next thoughts were of a statement I made to myself about walking my daughters down their wedding aisles.

Assistive devices helped me be me again

I used indoor canes for the first time in a few days. I was determined to keep my promise and became ambulatory again. I helped coach my grandson in baseball that spring. I have since helped coach two years of flag football. I am not sure how much exercise is too much for us MS Warriors but I think my competitive nature led to my falling down and also my getting back into the game of my life

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