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Why My Son

I have a 42 yr old son diagnosed with MS in 2014. Before that he had his own place, a girlfriend and raising two girls. He began having pain above and below his knees making it hard to walk. Long story short, he lost his job, his place, and his girlfriend.mHe went from walking with a cane to a walker to a wheelchair and now spends most of his time in bed as it is to difficult to transfer. He has very little trunk control now. He has leg muscles that are so tight 24 hrs a day. He has a baclofen pump (second one as first was broken) that seems to not be doing anything. His eyesight is going as he sees blurry now. He has no control of bladder/bowels and totally depends on me his mom. Can anyone offer help as to how the leg muscles can loosen up. He is now being checked foe NMO. My son is in constant pain all day. Through all this he never complains.

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  • Erin Rush moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi scarhead and welcome! I am so sorry you and your son are dealing with this. As a mother, I totally understand that nothing is harder than watching your child suffer. Us moms would gladly take their illness rather than have to watch them hurting!

    There are some treatments recommended to treat spasticity and baclofen is one of them. If it is not working well for your son, you can have him consult his physician to see if another medication might be worth trying. You can read more about treatments for stiffness and spasticity here —

    Also, we have a few younger male contributors that have written about their MS progression. Perhaps you and your son may relate to their writings. If you click on the links I provide, you can read a bit about each gentleman and there is a link towards the bottom of the page that will take you to a list of all their written works on

    Devin Garlit —

    Matt Allen G —

    Marc Stecker —

    I hope reading their works can help you and your son know that you are not the only ones facing the challenging road of aggressive MS. And please let him know that it’s okay to be the “squeaky wheel” and keep advocating for his health.

    Thank you for reaching out and for being an awesome mom. I hope you are your son both get a break and perhaps some hope in 2018!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

  • scarhead author
    1 year ago

    thank you all currently my son had yet another bout with a serious bladder infection landing him in hospital for a week on intravenous antibiotics and now in rehab

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