Looking for advice and willing to try new things to help my symptoms.

The thought of MS was bouncing around the minds of my doctors around 2009. At that time my feet where in pain and were numb. One day, while living in Toronto, ON Canada, I noticed that I could not speed walk/run to catch the subway train in time. Something was very wrong. My body would not do what I wanted it to do.

Still able to walk around the city, I began my visits to a neurologist downtown. He diagnosed me with Clinically Isolated Syndrome, CIS. I was in denial. it must just be a pinched nerve. As symptoms progressed and MRI scans came up with new lesions, the neurologist said I am beyond CIS at this point and I should begin therapy immediately.

I started Copaxone. I was on it for a year and there was no luck in slowing any progression. It had become harder to walk for more than 10 minutes, I was always tired, and my motor functions were less controlled. I stopped Copaxone and began Rebif.

Now on Rebif for the seventh month, I feel the MS consuming me. Only able to walk from the door of my home to my driveway, if feel my weak spine and clumsy legs barely carry me through. My hands and fingers have lost some feeling and control and hot and cold are a very different feeling now. Hot = dizzy, mind fog. Cold = stiff and achy.

Luckily, I have a great circle of family and friends for support. I know they wish they could do more.

At this point, while on Rebif, I am also trying to take matters into my own hands and trying diets. I am currently experimenting with gluten, dairy free paleo diets. I am not sure it works until I eat gluten foods. Then I do feel the difference gluten adds t my mind fog, however, it does not help my walking which is what I want most.

I have read about how great people are doing with their MS but they do not seem to have symptoms as severe in the first place. Not being able to walk is a huge issue in live.

I am reaching out in hopes to find more remedies for symptoms and I am open to trying new things.


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