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I was diagnosed late I was given the news on my 52nd birthday after getting off the plane from Australia where the hospital had sent me for an MRI as we did not have them here at that time in New Zealand. Well apparently I had been diagnosed with RRMS. Walking around the markets, I collapsed at the motel having put myself into progressive MS not having a clue what was wrong. No one warned me to be careful. Well I soon found out.

I had 2 weeks of intravenous steroids which made no difference but there was a lady in the opposite bed having the same treatment. She was blind and at the end of her course the best thing was to listen to her call out. I can see, so it seems to work for optic nerve problems.

I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice to say I was crying for 2 years then my daughter took me to an MS support group and seeing all the wheelchairs I had a few tears. A lovely lady reached down and took my hand and held on to it. She gave me the strength I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself. That was 28 years ago and I have been doing all the contacting for our meetings and organize our lunches out, mid-winter xmas, real xmas and any other outings we can make up. I still belong to the original meeting place, but a few years ago a group was started in my city so I naturally joined. I did not wan't to miss many friends so go to 2 support groups now. In February we will all join together to go to a garden party at a lovely home lent to us by a friend of the Red Cross ladies who provide us with yummy morning tea at our meetings.

I could go on talking but 1. I am getting tired is very hot today and 2. I don't want to bore people but I must say I am now 78 years young and having the best life I can and jogging three times a week for 12 years best thing I did.

- Angiesun

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