Stop Yelling at Me!

So, mentally I could not sit home anymore and wanted to get back to a job if at all possible. Long story short, someone I knew needed help in a quiet office setting for about 10-15 hrs a week. I thought PERFECT! ...Plus he knew my dad since before I was born. I lost my dad to MS when he was 47 yrs old. So I knew he knew that I had bad days and tons of doctors appointments, and he seemed that it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

This stress could cause a relapse

With that said, he can get very upset and frustrated through the day with my mistakes I make. (I know nothing about this business, and he knew that as well.) He has no problem getting ignorant with me or yelling at me when he forgets things and makes mistakes just as much as me some days. At times, I ignore it and just think, “Whatever, he will get over it...” Then there are times I just want to walk out and tell him I’ve had enough and don’t need this stress that's going to possibly cause a relapse!!!!

Cog fog at work

The other day, I could not think straight to save my life and was just totally scatterbrained!! (Thank you cog-fog.) He said to me, “Where is your f**king head at? You need to get it together!” ...I told him sometimes I can’t think straight and he should have known that with all the time he spent with my father and everything he went through. He didn’t know what to say after that. It’s just very frustrating. I love what I do... it gets me out of bed and somewhere to be by a certain time, and makes me feel like I have a meaning in life. But, I could do without all the BS that comes along with it at times!!!

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