Worried For My Son

I don't know what to do or where to go. I don't even know if my son, who's 30 has MS. Occasionally through the years, I wondered about him though. He'd have little vague things come up. He'd go to a doctor and get a prescription and not say much more. He thinks he has fibromyalgia.

It's gotten worse

Anyway, he says that for several years he has had some pain, and he didn't seek help. He said that he seemed to be able to control it with exercise but this past year it has gotten worse. I think he gave up on doctors because they never seemed to do much for him to help him and all they ever did was hand him a prescription for whatever symptom he had and that was that.

Anytime he got tests or blood work it seemed to be fine. He has trouble with pain mostly in his neck and it also gets stiff, and his head bothers him too. I think he's mentioned brain fog, and he tells me he just doesn't feel that great. He is going to see a doctor next week who is a functional medicine doctor that a friend recommended who she said helped her a lot.

I thought a neuro would do more than one test

I'm hoping he can give us some insight because I'm so worried. The neurologist he saw a few months ago did an MRI of his brain and it was normal so that was that. Said no MS. Might be fibromyalgia. Come back and see me as needed he said. Odd but I thought surely a neuro would do more than just one test.

He feels a lot of guilt that he didn't go to the doctor. He's scared and seems to think it's gotten worse and maybe there's nothing that can help him. He says he doesn't want to live this way the rest of his life... I'm so worried. I worry that he will give up and I may lose him. Where does a person go when they feel hopeless and have no diagnosis? What can I as a mom do to help my son?

My whole world is upside down

The past week he has been in my arms crying on my shoulder off and on for several days. He's not usually the type of person to act this way, so I know he's hurting and suffering. I don't know if anyone can help or tell me anything but I don't know where to go to ask. I used to feel like I had a good life. My kids were fine and things seemed ok. Now I feel like my whole world is upside down. I'd appreciate if anyone has any suggestions.

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