Overlooking to turn the water off, anyone??

Hello everyone,

This is just one story that happened during  the middle of the night, but it scared me so badly I have to talk to someone. I'll try to bebrief. I have primary progressive ms dx in 2011. I'm 61 female,on mitotranxone +2 years diff. with bm's. My dr. gave me rx laxative which caused a mess last night. I did my best to clean everything and myself up but did not turn the shower all the way off, could not feel the water on my legs.Downstairs neighbor woke us all up hour later, he wwas noticing some dampness, so my husband ad 2 boys mopped and cleaned for the next hour or so. They are looking at me like I'm I don't know what; have now no confidence in me to take care of myself, the list goes on and on. I feel perfectly wretchedly horrible at the moment. And today is my birthday. Some birthday. No presents but shitty towels to wash-sorry, I really feel bad. MS is really much worse in daily living than I ever imagined when first dx'd.

Thanks for listening...vicki

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