I never expected what was about to happen. I already have Crohn's Disease and wasn't expecting another one.

One day I started to drag my right leg, this lasted about a month. I knew that this was not right. I starting writing like a two year old, I am right handed. I had already had been diagnosed with optic Neuritous years before this happened. Anyway, my doctor sent me for an MRI. When the results came in he called me and said I need to see you and your husband. When we arrived at his office he told me that white spots showed up on the brain. Right away I made an appointment with a really good numerologist. After much testing, I did have MS. This was 10 years ago.

Today I have secondary progressive MS. I shake terribly, have terrible balance and also deal with my Crohn's. I take a needle every night for the MS to just slow it down. Since then, I had problems with having relations with my husband. I thought after 24 years of marriage he would understand. It was the total opposite, he left me. Now I'm a single mother, my daughter is now 19, I'm on disability, but I'm like to believe I'm a strong women and I won't let my illnesses get in my way. I look at my illnesses as a blessing and I will keep moving forward until my last breath!

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