A year with MS

My name is Melissa Mota. I'm 26. I live in Visalia, CA. I was diagnosed with MS when I was 25. Now going to be 27 in 2 months! It's been a year of this last June since I was diagnosed with MS. It's progressive MS. I'm in stage 2-3 and I'm hoping that I won't get to stage 4.

My symptoms I've noticed is that I couldn't walk, lack of balance, bladder problems, numbness on my lower body, and tingling. So January and February did MRI and nothing showed up. So in June I woke up and couldn't feel my legs. Do called the ambulance and took me to the hospital. I guess the hospital did a MRI testing and they did find something and they couldn't say for sure what it was so they had to find a neurologist for me and they did in San Jose. So I went there and they did testing there and a spinal tap and that's when they told me it is MS.

So I was upset the first day of hearing it then after that I've accepted it. So I was there for a week in a half then I finally got to back to my hometown in Visalia,CA to a inpatient PT/OT/nursing care for 3 months where I got a lot of PT and OT there. I got PT like 5 times a day for the 3 months I was there. I didn't really need OT so I did that for a month. Then after I got released from there I came home and had home health PT and OT. I did good at that.

Then January of this year is when everything started going downhill. I've been to like 2 hospitals. I was just in a hospital a couple of weeks ago from a exacerbation from the MS with the heat. So they had me on steroid treatment for the 5 days I was there. I was there for 5 days. Then I went home.

Now I'm still having trouble peeing so I have a catheter in me now and hopefully going to be seen by a urologist soon about my bladder. There's also a problem with my spine. Apparently something with a blood clot so there's a referral for that and waiting for that to come so we can find out what's up with that. That's what a year of my MS has been like. It's a long story.

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