Drop Foot and Brain Cells

I’ve had sciatica for 5 months on my left side before seeking help from my GP. Had x-rays, nothing showed up. Two days later went to ER as pain was excruciating in buttock, thigh, calf and lower back. A CT-scan was done, bulging disc at L-3 with severe arthritis. I’ve had RRMS since early 20’s. Nothing would touch the pain so went to pain clinic. Had 4 injections through top of spine but couldn’t get needle through arthritis so 2 were injected into side at L3-L4. Nada… second visit 1 injection into L4-L5 pointed downward to L3. It worked wonderful no more pain. I used the stairs first time in almost a year to find my left foot dragging on every step as I went down. Two days ago I came home and put my right foot on the curb, had arms loaded and proceeded to lift my left foot up and down I went on the cement landing on my left glasses lens.

I think I had left foot drop. My neck hurt, possible whip lash, bloody nose, scratched lens, and headache. My pride was injured as well. I decided to see my GP the next day for check up. As I was parking in the handicap parking stall with my placard displayed in the clinic parking lot, I hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. Proceeded to knock over handicap sign and ding the side of building.

The police were called, insurance was notified, I was whisked into a wheel chair and put in the doctor’s office. He said I had a mild concussion from my previous fall. I was fine from the accident but my little car had a big owie on front drivers side. So there I was, in the middle of waiting room with clinic manager, police officer, towing driver and nurse. Tried to call insurance company with dying cell and my kids. I know, it’s time to take a breath. I’m scheduled to have surgery on L-3 next month. Could my reaction to gas/brake pedal be caused from concussion? Could drop foot be caused by MS, pain injections or just me? MS is a mystery that never solves the murder. This adventure is not for the faint of heart. A new chapter is always around the corner.


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