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MS Diagnosis, Courses, and Stages

Awaiting Diagnosis

  • By LeeHodder

    Hey all – feels a bit strange writing this as I havent been diagnosed with MS yet however I am midway throughout the tests etc which im finding extremely dificult to deal with – my anisette is throughout the roof. Im absolutely terrified of what coups come and while my family is very supportive (i have a great wife and 2 Sons – 2yrs old and 3mths) id really be so appreciatie for any tips of those that have been through the proces and especially the early stages of dealing with a diagnosis.

  • By Mare1265

    Hi Lee ** I am with you as far as the anxiety and scariness of this whole situation…my PC diagnosed MS after 2 MRI’s, almost a month ago…i am still waiting for them to get me in to see a Neurologist. What I have done so far is read, read & read…alot of what i have found is disheartening, but i have also found alot of positive information…I am going to be proactive in this blasted journey! You do the same! The way I see it, and have read this from many folks with MS….I have MS, it doesn’t have ME!!
    Be as positive as you can…be your own advocate! Take the bull by the horns! LOL

  • By Anonymous

    Hi Mare1265
    “Be as positive as you can…be your own advocate! Take the bull by the horns!”
    This is exactly the way I do it! I learned that approach 29 years ago when first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.It took awhile but it was the best choice for me as I felt like I had some control of my
    When I was diagnosed with MS in 2009,I was not happy about it but was relieved to finally find out why I was feeling the way I was.
    I read a lot,talked to a neurologist who happened to be open to trying different things (ccsvi being one of them)
    I will say that diet and exercise is VERY important.
    Good luck with everything!

  • By Anonymous

    Hi LeeHodder
    Mare1265 offers some very good advice IMHO.
    For me personally, exercise of any kind helps with stress,among other things.
    I meditate once in awhile as well.There are very easy guided meditations on YouTube if you’d like to try that.
    If anything,I find they are a good excuse to sit on my @ss. Lol!
    In all seriousness,it does help relax the mind and relieve some stress. I am not the most patient person and it does help.
    Good luck to you!