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Is Vitiligo common?

  • By -Holli-

    Hi everyone, Has anyone experienced vitiligo? I know it is common in people with autoimmune issues. My mother, brother, aunt, and cousin all have MS, along with me, but none of them have experienced vitiligo. I have very dark skin and it is very noticeable. (to me) It is just starting and I wonder if it is stoppable? It seems like just one more thing to accept with MS. Thanks, Holli

  • By Crystal【ツ】

    Hey, Holli!

    I hope you’re still active on this site and get this message. I know you posted this a while back, but I just came across your post. I wanted to tell you that I also have vitiligo. I have it in several spots on my body. I had never really related it to MS, but after reading your post I can see how it might be related. Great point, Holli.


  • By v31299

    It is quite usual that several autoimmune deseases are linked or appear together. So Vitiligo is nothing special or unexpected when linked with a desease linked MS, from my point of view. There are statistics, where Vitiligo was linked to Hashimoto, Lupus and others.

    Kind Regards Torsten van Venrooy