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General Discussion

Travel scooter

  • By lauried

    I was diagnosed in January 2013 with MS and have been doing Betaseron injections which have helped me enormously with my mobility. Have used a power scooter a few times taking my teenage boys to amusement parks, and am thinking of getting one to use instead of renting them. Am looking for one that is portable and that I can fly with as I do travel occaisionally for work and it would be helpful for that. Can anyone make any recommendations about what they use or have some familiarity with for a travel scooter? Am looking for something lighter in weight and can fit in the trunk of a Chevy Malibu. I still have some strength for pulling it in and out of the trunk but woudl want something relatively easy to assemble. Thank you.

  • By Lisa Emrich Moderator

    Hi Lauried,
    I’m sorry that nobody has responded to your inquiry yet. I don’t have personal experience with scooters, so I’m not much help in that department. When googling “light weight scooter”, there are so many websites, models, and choices. I don’t know what you should look for. Maybe try to find a place local which sells mobility devices where you can see some options in person.
    Good luck,

  • By Becky

    Hi Lauried,
    I used to have a Golden brand “buzz-around lite” that was pretty light weight and could be easily taken apart and put into a vehicle for transport. the heaviest piece weighed about 40 lbs. which I couldn’t do but was easy for almost anyone else. Also, when traveling with it a few times, the airport guys always commented on how easy it was to load etc. Then I moved to a heavier one (after killing it by running into it with my van – bad story but pretty funny looking back) that is a bit more stable but much harder to throw in the car.
    I have seen a model that is very bare-boned and seems easy to transport. It is like a battery with wheels and a seat. Unfortunately, I don’t know the brand or anything.

    good luck to you!

  • By Anonymous

    i am working with my insurance and a local provider to acquire a scooter. i came up with a list of requirements – had to easily come apart to fit in the car, good ground clearance (the best i could find was 3″),4 wheels for stability. What I settled on was the Spitfire EX 4-wheel, by ActiveCare. the local provider said he’d sold it before, and is going to order it for me. i know that nothing is perfect, and no one device will meet all my needs, but I figure by knowing pretty much what I want it to do, I stand a pretty good chance of finding a machine that suits me. also, at least with my insurance, they only cover mobility aids for use IN the house. While everyone knows that a scooter is for outside the house, apparently if I don’t tell them, and they don’t ask, we both agree to bend the rules. good luck!