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Undiagnosed yet symptomatic

  • By cjanssen

    Doctors for years have considered the fact that I may have sclerosis yet none have officially tested for it, I woke up today with no feeling from the waist down I am completely scared to death as I keep pressing the issue and they keep doing nothing I don’t know what to do other than try to press the issue again maybe now that part of my body is not working they will listen? I also have two different types of seizure disorders which they were more focused on than anything else I’m just scared to death is that something that can come from MS like sudden onset paralysis my legs or both hurting very bad for about a week prior to this and I started off my day with them being numb to the point where I could walk but just barely now I make it may be a few steps before they give out my journey has gone from being a mail carrier and walking 20 miles a day to my entire body from head to toe being attacked for the last 4 months yet no answers completely any input would be great thank you in advance

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  • By Devin Garlit Moderator

    Hi cjanssen, I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. This isn’t the easiest advice, but, you need to seek out other doctors. Sadly, all doctors are not equal. Far from it actually. Diseases like Multiple Sclerosis are ones where new information is constantly being discovered. There are many doctors out there, even ones that claim to be specialists, that are not even close to be up to speed with the latest research and techniques. While it isn’t easy, I can’t stress enough, how important it is to find the right doctor and not be concerned upsetting the ones you’ve already seen. Many times, it requires seeing a physician that is part of a University, this may mean travel and it may even mean going on a waiting list, but it’s very much worth it. Don’t ever give up hope that someone will diagnosis you correctly, but, know that it may involve some work to find that person.

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