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  • By TimRice

    I’m planning on retiring to Waco, Texas.Now I live in cold, snowy Chicago. I’m concerned about the Waco humidity. Is it huge problem that can’t be mitigated? I can’t escape the big increase in spasticity in Chicago’s cold by staying inside! Any experiences with high humidity areas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • By Meagan Heidelberg Moderator

    Hi Tim! Hoping that a community member can reach out with any personal experience, but I did want to share that many of our members are not affected by heat/humidity, but cold does! We’re sorry to hear that your spasticity is so bad in the coldness of Chicago. I actually visited Waco last year and it was a blast! We wish you a happy retirement, and hope the transition goes smoothly.
    Best – Meagan, Team Member

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    • By sevensix

      Heat and humidity adversely affect me. Temps above 72F is sufficient cause for retreat to cooler environs. Texas? Very hot, quite humid. Consider states north, south, and west of Colorado for the high and dry climate. Any thing east of the aforementioned states will be hot and humid. I’m biased, always lived in the west and Alaska.

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