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Kids Whose Parents Have MS & the Wonderful Results

Maggie Mae and Reagan were just 6 and 4 when their mom Kathy was diagnosed with MS. They’re sharing their perspective on how this dynamic makes their lives and experience different – and in some ways, better – than their friends.

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  • Jennc
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed right before my son’s first birthday. He is now 19, and a smart, empathetic, amazing person, just like these girls! I related spot on to EVERYTHING in the video! MS stinks, but if it gives the world amazing, aware and thoughtful people in our children, at least there is one positive!

  • Badderley
    2 years ago

    Great video! Made me tear up a bit, but so inspiring to see how mature and positive your girls are. And now I think it’s time to teach my 9-year-old daughter how to do laundry!

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