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Your Bowel Issue Questions Answered by Your Pelvic Floor Friends

Kathy Reagan Young of and Erin Glace, Pelvic Floor Dysfunction PT, are back in this video to answer YOUR questions about Bowel Issues in #MS. Their first video for got a lot of attention – and a lot of questions from the community. After watching, check out their other video where they answer questions about Bladder Problems in MS.

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  • Loopyone
    2 years ago

    thank you for the helpful info. I suffer from constipation. My gastro dr. said to take a laxative tablet every three to for days. It has helped some but I also like the info you have given in the video.

  • sevensix
    2 years ago

    Bowel activity doesn’t rate all that important function until the function malfunctions as it does when dietary recklessness and/or MS rears (oops) its ugliness when determined evacuation comes to a screaming stop. ER will help you fix that untimely visit(s) with everything to include semi-public, uh, toileting in a small room with a curtain for a door. They may have you out of sight and sound but they can sniff your presence like a bloodhound. It is incredibly embarrassing. Paying close attention to fiber intake was a good beginning supplemented with OTC laxatives striving for regularity every day. MS slows the gut giving you little to no warning of impending crisis when elimination is signaling its urgency to take action. BTW some routine imaging will take a glance at the intestinal tract often revealing a backlog of contents clearly holding up traffic. If the bowels are not happy you ain’t gonna be happy. Avoid constipation at all costs, eat healthy, enjoy life.

  • Cathy Chester moderator
    2 years ago

    Excellent video that was informative and hopeful! I’ve been dealing with SIBO, acid reflux and a hiatal hernia and living in pain for a year! I am going to Johns Hopkins soon for a 2nd opinion. Thank you for this video. P.S. I love my Squatty Potty!

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