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Steve was diagnosed with MS in 2005 after having vague symptoms over a number of years. He is the Head of Marketing at a small arts centre & also an occasional musician, a full-time Music Nerd, & part-time Music Snob

By Steve Woodward - March 5, 2017
It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything here – where SHALL I begin? 2016 was a year which personally started off positively, got bogged down in the middle and ended... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - December 1, 2015
Recently I’ve gone back to read a book which my brother bought for me a while ago. The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain de Botton. Each chapter focuses on the works of... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - June 16, 2015
I grew up watching Charlie Brown cartoons as a small child. As a (fairly pretentious) adolescent I watched a great many Woody Allen films. And a few years later I got completely... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - October 20, 2014
Recently a family friend has had a major health-scare. On the day he was meant to be discharged, we didn’t receive any calls until late in the day, by which time my... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - September 11, 2014
I love reading my daughter bedtime stories and the other day I had an email from my wife, letting me know that she had ordered a complete set of Mr Men books... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - August 20, 2014
The initial options on my own personal buffet of MS (the hors d’oeuvres if you like) were pins and needles and a dragging left foot. Both these things continue to… well, not... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - August 10, 2014
When my wife and I first started seeing each other, we travelled around a lot. My previous relationship had been pretty static – I don’t think I even had a passport. But... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - June 5, 2014
When my wife was heavily pregnant, she was still working full-time at a local Arts Centre. One of her jobs was organising and overseeing a large showcase and market for local creative... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - May 22, 2014
(Or The Voice) You find me today in a mild state of self-loathing. The reason? I live a five-minute drive away from where I work – which works out as a 7-8... READ MORE

By Steve Woodward - April 28, 2014
I’ve noticed that my writing on this website is way more positive than on my own blog. I seem to be much happier in America than the UK! Pretty “ha-ha” but my... READ MORE