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advice for lumbar puncture

I'm so glad that I found this site. Its been very helpful and its good to know that I am not alone because I do feel alone and worried. I've had MRI's, which have shown lesions. I recently had a brain and spine MRI which showed a few lesions on my spine. I am due to have a lumbar puncture and am so scared of it. I know its silly and my neurologist says I can get a valium from my doctor but I am still freaking out. I had a very bad experience with one as a child and now I keep thinking about that and am actually petrified. Its silly, I'm an adult but I am worried that I will completely freak out when it's been done. How bad is it? my view of it is being clouded by my memories of a terrified child! Do you think that if I take the valium I wont even really realize its been done? Never had a valium before.

  1. Hi . I have never had a lumbar puncture (I don't have MS. My father did.), but I know without a doubt that if I had one, I would need valium and I would take valium. So I certainly wouldn't think any less of you if you needed valium. Your fear is not silly. Many people who are super brave about everything else fear having a needle puncture their spines. You will probably be aware of the procedure being done if you take valium, but you won't care. Hopefully, some people who have had lumbar punctures will chime in here with some support. Warmly, Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi Piggles.
      I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this right now, but glad you have found this forum.
      When I first became unwell last year, l was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks. While there to confirm my MS diagnosis my last test was my lumbar puncture, I was lucky that they done it CT guided, but I was still scared. I'll be truthful in saying that when they were putting in the anaesthesia that hurt the most. But the procedure didn't feel a thing. Did have to lay flat afterwards.
      Hope this helps and good luck.

      1. Hi , I understand your concern and it's not silly! If the doctor thinks a valium will help, try it out! I've had a couple of spinal taps as an adult, and they felt like more pressure on my back than anything. I honestly didn't realize they'd started until they were already in! I think being on your stomach and not being able to see them actually doing it ends up being super helpful. After my second one, I actually felt good enough to play hockey later that day (which was a very terrible idea, but my point is that the procedure was not nearly as bad as I'd feared, I wrote about that here, should you be interested: BUt whatever makes you feel more at ease, valium might help, also, maybe you can bring someone to hold your hand? Also, try to remember that it's really a very quick procedure. Best of luck and do let us know how it goes!

        1. Hi Piggles, I am in the same boat. In the hospital now, probably getting spinal tap tomorrow. I am so scared of it! Hope it will go quickly.
          I have had an epidural when giving birth but I was in so much pain then that I didn't care anymore what they were doing. Super nervous for tomorrow... When is yours Piggles?

          1. Oh my goodness, good luck for tomorrow! I will be thinking of you. I'm waiting for the hospital to book me in. Should know either this week or next. Had a vestibular test done today, just two more tests to go. Most def going to take a valium!

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