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Angels of Hope fundraising!

My name is Sonja and I was diagnosed with MS in 1996. My daughter has been working hard on our first attempt at doing a fundraiser for our team before the MS Walk this year. Some years past through many generous donations our team has raised over $8,000. I know this year is tough for a lot of people including myself but hopefully we will be able to collect a lot of little contributions which all add up.

"To my friends and family:
As some of you know, I have been participating in the MS Walk for 10+ years now with my mothers team "Angels of Hope". Each year we walk & raise money to find a cure for Mulitple Sclerosis.
This year we are planning a little fundraiser/get-together, and are looking for your help! We would like to do a raffle as part of the fundraiser and we are looking for companies/friends/etc. that would like to sponsor and/or donate something towards the raffle. Local businesses, artists, salons, restaurants, etc. would be great! There are a few of you that have already contacted me with ideas...I will be sending you the info needed soon.
If you or someone you know has ideas, suggestions, or would like to help with the planning, please let me know."

  1. You are so right in recognizing the tough times so many people are facing these days, but thankfully these same folks are also the ones who will dig a little deeper to help as they can. Good luck with the fundraiser - every bit helps in this fight.

    be well, Laura

    1. Good luck with this fundraiser, Sonja. I, too, try to raise money for WalkMS. You should put your blurb on Facebook, Twitter and local newspapers. Perhaps ask if you could do an interview about your goals for the walk. The more PR the better!

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