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Pets of

Our pets are like family members and they play such a huge role in our overall mental and physical health.

They're there for us on the good days and the bad days, always ready to cheer us up and make us smile.

Share a pic of your pet and tell us about them below! 🧡 🐾

  1. This is Gunther (dog) and Sophie (cat). They are easily the best parts of my day. Sophie tolerates Gunther while Gunther thinks that they are best friends and should do everything together. I love how intuitive they both are and can sense when I need a little extra love and comfort but also when I just need a good laugh. Even while writing this, Gunther is staring at me quietly demanding attention while Sophie is staring at me as if to say "you can type with one hand and give me snacks with the other you know." They're the best! 🧡

    1. These boys, Leon (L) & Quigley (R) also keep me laughing and provide snuggles whenever they're needed! Does anyone else talk to their pets like they are actual humans? No, just me???
      -Kelsey, team member

      1. 100% All. The. Time. Kelsey. They know all my deep dark secrets lol! Your babies are just the cutest and I adore seeing pics of them! 🐾. Peace, love and belly rubs to the babies!! 😊

    2. This is Nicholas my service dog

      1. his name is Nicholas. He born on Christmas Day so he’s Saint Nicholas

      2. How cool is that?! Saint Nicholas! Please give him all the peace, love, and belly rubs for us. Thank you so much for sharing! 😊 Kayleigh, team

    3. They’re all so adorable!! Here is my lil lovable brat cat, Maya. I bug the heck outa her all day. Only fair cuz she wakes me up in the middle of the night to be petted or get fed. Lol Told you I bug her.  Guess what her eyes are saying. Lol

      1. Stop it!! She is way too cute! She definitely looks like trouble in the best way possible lol. Haha, I literally just had this same convo with a friend today actually about bugging our pets during the day because they get wild at night. She looks like she is a little talker too. So stinking cute Tess! Thank you for sharing! 🧡 Kayleigh, team

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