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Any tips on my legs

I went to Australia for the month of april. 4 days later after returning home my legs were heavy and my balance was off. It wasn't as bad before I went to Australia. Will my legs get back to where they were before my trip? I figure the long flight ad time zone change caused my flare up. Any suggestions please and thankyou! Denise Lewis

  1. Hi, Denise ( )!

    First, I hope you had a lovely time in Australia! Depending on where you live, that flight to Australia can be quite a doozy, so it's not wonder that your body is feeling a bit off.

    I can't offer medical advice, for your safety, but odds are that you will recover, given some time. However, if your symptoms don't improve in the next couple weeks or so, you may want to call your doctor, just to be safe. If you've been experiencing these symptoms since May (I'm trying to guess your travel schedule a bit, here), then it may be time to check in with your physician, to make sure something else isn't going on. Have you ever dealt with clotting issues or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) before? Your symptoms don't sound like DVT, but after very long flights, it can be an issue that pops up -- Again, your doctor should be able to offer some guidance. And I hope your legs start feeling back to normal very soon!

    Best, Erin, Team member.

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