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Does anyone experience claw hands & numbness in arms?

  1. Hi Linda! Thanks for being part of the community and sharing your questions. While we're waiting for other members to chime in, I thought I would share:
    Michelle's MS Story
    Paroxysmal symptoms
    Paresthesia Information Page

    I hope these help! -Warmly, Donna ( team)

    1. I wear a hand-wrist forearm brace when sleeping that keeps my right hand from contracting into the claw-hand, and have tingling numbness in the right hand.

      1. Hi Linda! I have not had the claw hand but I have had the claw foot. Only has happened when in bed. Foot curled up and pulls my foot in toward the other foot. It is a very uncomfortable sensation. It hurts and I am not able to get it to stop except by trying to stand and forcing my foot flat. Very annoying!

        1. The picture of the "claw" is actually Trousseau sign caused by low calcium level. please have your physician check your calcium levels as many medications can cause fluctuations! Best of luck all

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