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Anyone have experience with LDN (low-dose Naltrexone)?

My GP suggested I research LDN, as she has one patient with MS who takes it. Anyone have experience with this medication? Thanks! Echo

  1. HI Echo!

    In addition to any community feedback you may get, I thought I would share some information from our site on LDN. This article discusses a variety of MS treatments, including LDN -- Studies have shown that it can help with pain symptoms and overall mental health, but it does not seem as effective against other physical symptoms besides pain. Here is another article that discusses LDN -- While I hope you get more feedback from the community, I hope this information is helpful as well.

    Thanks so much for your question and for being a part of the community!

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I have had rt MS since 1991 and never took meds. However for about 10 years off and on I used it for prevention of exacerbations. As far as I know it was effective. Cost was $25 monthly mailed from a compounding pharmacy in Boca Raton. You have to have a prescription.

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