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Exercising and Movement with MS

How has MS impacted exercise or bodily movement for you?

Are there exercises or movements that seem to work really well for you and, alternatively, some movements that are difficult to do now?

Have you had to modify any movements? If so, how?

How do you set yourself up for success when moving your body?

  1. I live alone so I clean my whole apt by myself. Dust run sweeper and washing dishes after cooking. I also do all my grocery shopping. Driving myself still to go grocery shopping. Pick up medicine. Go to my Dr Apts. That is about all I can manage right now. After grocery shopping I always take a day or 2 off. Stay in and rest up. I am retired. 70 years old. Female.

    1. sounds like me

    2. Hi,
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  2. I have an eliptical machine. A PT said to go 2mi one level 2mi higher level so I go 2mi level5 -2mi level 7 -repeat next -2 mi level 8. Started at levels 2 and 4 so I am getting stronger. Also in AC. Stepper 50 steps, several other to work on knees, ankles, and hips

    1. I know what you mean, exercise machines can be expensive! I’m not sure if you have explored YouTube for accessible workouts but some personal trainers will post workouts of varying degrees sometimes with little or no equipment needed. There is an article that has suggestions for online workouts in case you’re interested! 🧡 Sam, Team Member

    2. I had physical therapy last year and learned to keep strong with no machines or membership fees to exercise clubs.

      1. I walk 5 days a week in the winter, inside my apartment complex hallways.

      2. I also have exercise bands tied to door knobs and use them for resistance workouts.

      3. Simple seated limb stretches can relieve stiff arms and legs.

      4. I also use 3-lb hand weights and do simple seated curls and presses with them.

      I highly recommend PT. Ask your doctor whether this could benefit you. Discuss your challenges, and the PT will design a program for you.

      Big hugs, Kim, moderator

  3. My usual excercises are walking in the pool. Riding a stationary bicycle.
    Using a rowing machine or riding my 3 wheel bike at the beach. Doe I have the energy and balance.

    1. I used to tread water and walk in the pool when I lived in Fort Myers Florida. Did pretty well for 11 years THEN hurricane IAN hit and we lost Everything. No more pool here in cold Wisconsin

    2. , I don't mean to highjack your comment for Frank, but I know how rough Northern winters can be! I am south of you (in Indiana), but, as a fellow Midwesterner that is over winter (even though it's been a relatively mild one), I can say, SPRING is coming! It's coming! We've almost made it!

      Best, Erin, Team Member.

  4. Frank S, you said the magic words: ROWING MACHINE! My chiropractor recommended the rowing machine to me when I was looking for a cardio machine to have at home. We found one on Craigslist and I have it set up in our guest room/my painting studio. I find it absolutely brilliant to use -- I love the way it enables me to get a good fifteen minutes of intense exercise at the beginning of my workout, and it's almost impossible to use it WRONG. admittedly, I did once get my feet tangled up in the one at the gym, and fell off it, producing my first and only sports injury.
    I've been working out for about thirty years. When I first started working with a trainer, she had me use a recumbent bike for about a year until I was strong enough to use the TREADMILL. ( I know...recovering couch potato here).

    Do you do other exercises? I do some repetitive balance exercises, including standing on one leg and holding my knee to my chest for ten seconds at a time, and I also do Warrior 3, where you stand on one leg and hold you free leg out behind you -- I can hold that one for about ten seconds. And then there's the resistance training and those infernal PLANKS. it's all about balance strength flexibility and endurance, but it's keeping my mind working.

    Anyway, it's always good to find another rowing machine fan! Good luck, and enjoy the ride!
    Therry, a Team Member

    1. That's great that you've enjoyed the rower so much. They really can get your heart rate up pretty quickly. They also work the full body. And, yes, planks can be another great full body exercise. I like that you can modify them to start and then increase in time. - Alene, moderator

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