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Anyone use a cane?

I have double vision in my left eye and balance problems. This occurs if I look anywhere but down when I'm walking. I just purchase a walking cane. Anyone else use one?

  1. I sure do! I regret it every time I forget it and I’m out somewhere. It can really help catch your weight if you start to lose your balance. I hope you find it helpful and it makes your life a little easier.

    1. I do. my balance is off terribly.i cannot eat without making a mess all over me. I literally need a huge bib and a spoon . I cannot even open the simplest things anymore.

  2. I've used a cane since 2009, and I never leave of the house without it. I have weakness and balance issues too. Over the years, I've had to switch the cane back and forth depending on which leg was the weakest, or which ankle had the worst foot drop. this year I asked my neuro for a rollator prescription too. Walker-on-wheels with a seat, that's what I want to have here when needed. But there is another important part of managing your weakness and balance: physical therapy. Currently I'm also in PT to improve my balance and strength, and it is amazing! I strongly recommend physical therapy to help you with any issues you struggle with. Movement and balance will improve with specific exercises directed by a PT who has experience with neuro cases. I learned long ago that I get out of a thing what I put into it. So whenever I have PT or Speech Therapy (I have both right now, and my therapy team is kicking A$$--mostly mine, lol) I show good faith by doing my homework and telling my team what issues/improvements I noticed from the previous session. It keeps me honest and working towards clearly-defined goals. Since I am a goal-oriented person, I need something to to look forward to and work towards. So PT will keep me safe and upright for years to come, and I have mobility aids--cane and walker at the ready. Assistive devices + PT = Safe walking and no falling. Cheers, Kim, moderator

    1. I have used a cane for years just started using a 4 wheeled walker. My balance is very poor. I can not hang a picture on a wall. If I lift my hands above my head I will fall over

    2. I'm sorry to hear that your balance is giving your trouble. Thanks for being part of this conversation, it really does help us all to feel a little less alone in this experience with MS.
      - Alene, moderator

  3. I've been doing exercises in my pool. Trying to gain balance. It seems to help some.

    1. I use a cane and have done for ages. It will help you get around easier and grow in confidence .

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