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Anyone using Baclofen for muscle spasms?

  1. Hi ! I know a number of our members have used Baclofen, and I hope they can share some input with you. As far as efficacy, here is some data on Baclofen that you may find interesting -- And here is some general information on the treatment -- I hope this information is helpful for you and that you get some community feedback. Thanks for reaching out and good luck! Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. I do. I originally received it for painful trigeminal neuralgia spasms. Now I use it for generalized muscle spasms. It helps.

      1. I WAS using Baclophen I was prescribed 2/day It made me very dizzy. Neuro lowered it to 1/day. I would still get spasms. Now I take Skelaxin and also Magnesium supplement

        1. I have been using Baclofen for over 25 years . I got up to 6 a day, but have reduced it to 1am and 1 pm. Am also on Gabapentin 3 800 mg per day. They do help but I think they make me sleepy. I am still able to walk around the house and up the garden with my stick. My attitude is I am not going in a wheelchair I want to keep my independece as long as possible. Lyn

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