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Are this symptoms of MS

Hello I am a 27 year old male, 4 weeks ago my 1st symptom was my bottom lip would twitch I didn’t think anything of it. Then my whole body was twitching from feet, legs, arms, hand, back, chest EVERYWHERE. Also I have muscle soreness like I just worked out but I didn’t. I went the NERO did blood work and did a EMG and Nerve conductive study. Emg was clean no abnormality’s. Since then the soreness has slowly gone away.. These are my only symptoms I mean I’m trying not to google MS symptoms because is I do I feel my body will create them.

  1. @ jchuston
    Since you have been to a neurologist and your symptoms have gone away, if this was a one-time occurrence, it might be difficult for you to do more than you have so far unless there is more than what you have shared. We do not give medical advice or attempt to make a diagnosis on our sites because each situation needs personal evaluation by a professional healthcare provider. However, here is information on how to diagnose MS. Many other conditions that are similar to MS making diagnosis difficult. I've added that information as well.

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