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Weird MS Symptoms

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a "weird" symptom and wondered if others with MS have experienced it too?

Share your "weird" symptom here and see if others have.

  1. Inner ear pain

    1. I found out that I had Trigeminal Neuralgia after many trips to the dentist and they could never figure out what tooth was casing the pain! I was very Blessed when they sent me to an oral surgeon who was able to explain to me what it was!!

    2. it's crazy that these doctors and dentists cannot put this together. Meanwhile, we as patients seem to do the homework for them. I know someone who basically diagnosed themselves with MS before they finally found a doctor who paid attention, and sure enough, the MRI proved it out. It's so frustrating to be in pain, to do "all the things" and be left in the dark until one miraculous visit sheds light, finally, after what? weeks? months? years??? That's a lot of unnecessary suffering. Best, Tamara, community advocate

  2. So many twitches! Mostly when I'm resting, especially in the morning when I first wake up. I lie in bed feeling random twitches/jerks in my arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet.. I never know where will twitch next...sometimes one or more per minute.

    1. How long do your hugs last?

    2. I've had them last as briefly as 10 minutes and as long as 24 hours. Tamara, community advocate

  3. My recent one has me wondering is this the MS or anxiety. Occasionally I get a feeling like something is crawling on me. It's just in one spot or another, moves all over the body, but there is nothing there. It's quickly there and then gone. Sometimes it'll be once, other times it'll be once here, then in a few seconds again somewhere else.

    1. Hi there, I don't have any issues with anxiety but I sure do get those creepy crawlies (paresthesias) and they are definitely related to MS. Fortunately, they don't hurt! Best, Tamara, community advocate

    2. I get that a lot too. It drives me crazy sometimes.

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