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Weird MS Symptoms

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a "weird" symptom and wondered if others with MS have experienced it too?

Share your "weird" symptom here and see if others have.

  1. Inner ear pain

    1. I occasionally have sharp ear/jaw pain that's been diagnosed as trigeminal neuralgia. Could that be the cause of your pain?

    2. Hi @Rosie9721, I thought you might find these articles helpful relating to inner ear pain. They may also give you some talking points to bring to your doctor:

      I hope that helps! - Warmly, Donna (team member)

  2. So many twitches! Mostly when I'm resting, especially in the morning when I first wake up. I lie in bed feeling random twitches/jerks in my arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet.. I never know where will twitch next...sometimes one or more per minute.

    1. I guess there is no sleeping in for you. Does the twitching wake you up or does it start after you awaken? Has your doctor had any thoughts on it? Thinking of you! - Lori (Team Member)

  3. My recent one has me wondering is this the MS or anxiety. Occasionally I get a feeling like something is crawling on me. It's just in one spot or another, moves all over the body, but there is nothing there. It's quickly there and then gone. Sometimes it'll be once, other times it'll be once here, then in a few seconds again somewhere else.

    1. Hi ! You are not alone! Many people with MS experience that creepy crawly feeling. Here is a comic from one of our advocates about her experience that might interest you: Here is an article about weird MS symptoms that mentions that sensation as well: I hope it doesn't happen to often for you and that you feel a little more comfortable knowing it's not just you. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    2. I feel I have water on my feet or arms. Also, that it is dripping down my legs legs. Further, numbness of my tongue and around my lips that vibrates. When bad enough my my entire mouth and teeth ache. I hate that more than I can describe.

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