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Weird MS Symptoms

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a "weird" symptom and wondered if others with MS have experienced it too?

Share your "weird" symptom here and see if others have.

  1. Inner ear pain

    1. I thought I was the only one who was treated like that from a GP. My old GP never directly said I was a hypochondriac and a drug seeker. He was always very passive aggressive or would have his NP or RN talk with me, they were slightly more direct.
      Anyways, looking back to that time frame, if they had ran the tests, I would have been diagnosed with MS 6 years earlier than when I was diagnosed.

    2. that's interesting. Do you experience vertigo as well or just the inner ear pain? - Alene, moderator

  2. So many twitches! Mostly when I'm resting, especially in the morning when I first wake up. I lie in bed feeling random twitches/jerks in my arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet.. I never know where will twitch next...sometimes one or more per minute.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you're having such an intense experience with the muscle tremors while awake. I hope that some fellow members here who have a experience can offer some insight or share some recommendations with you. In the meantime, have you had an opportunity to connect with your doctor about them?

      Above all, I'm glad that you're part of this community. This isn't a condition that anyone should go through alone. Thanks to this community we call get to be with each other on the tough days and cheer each other along to get back up and keep going. We're all in this together. - Alene, moderator

    2. yes I have been in contact with my doctor. She has had me in the hospital when the worst part of the tremors were visually seen by my family, my church and because I am fully stubborn and refuse to give up, my work. The hospital left me laying for 5 plus hours in withering pain and yes I mean that with no MRI’s and no answers, nothing, just this isn’t normal, “let me talk to my supervisor” and then left, only to reappear after 2 hours and administer my gabapentin and a muscle relaxer which albeit helped a little but I left the hospital. I realize I’m going to get all the neigh sayers and the boo-ers doing what they do, but I’m getting the same answers right where I am without paying thousands of dollars. Thank you for responding….. until the answers come, I will keep searching and fighting.😁 I wanted to upload a video for the community, it isn’t very long and it was intended for my grandson, but it appears it isn’t allowed.

  3. My recent one has me wondering is this the MS or anxiety. Occasionally I get a feeling like something is crawling on me. It's just in one spot or another, moves all over the body, but there is nothing there. It's quickly there and then gone. Sometimes it'll be once, other times it'll be once here, then in a few seconds again somewhere else.

    1. thank you for responding and this site.. I see many things I have been experiencing, in the last 5 years, with no diagnosis… perhaps some of these sensations may be significant to mention to my NEW PCP…different facility… got rid of my previous as she wrote, to another member of my care team (and how many more) “…it’s been crazy with her lately, her mental health is spiraling..” how many others on my care team may have seen that and just assume it’s a mental health problem..very frustrating.. I want my life back 😕

    2. I get that too. Just when I think I can relax, I get things landing on me that don't exist.

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