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Weird MS Symptoms

Have you ever experienced what you thought was a "weird" symptom and wondered if others with MS have experienced it too?

Share your "weird" symptom here and see if others have.

  1. Inner ear pain

    1. This….. I was shaking my head throughout the entire time i was reading. You are a pillar of strength.

    2. What a long and difficult journey, . I can't even imagine how frustrated you are. Do you think a second opinion might help? Please know we are here for you anytime you need support or a place to vent. Thinking of you. - Lori (Team Member)

  2. So many twitches! Mostly when I'm resting, especially in the morning when I first wake up. I lie in bed feeling random twitches/jerks in my arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet.. I never know where will twitch next...sometimes one or more per minute.

    1. I take a Motrin or a Tylenol before bed and it’s usually enough to calm my symptoms to fall asleep!

    2. I have accidentally kicked the cat and uppercut my own chin while trying to lay still. Seems like the more I relax the more my limbs start dancing.

  3. My recent one has me wondering is this the MS or anxiety. Occasionally I get a feeling like something is crawling on me. It's just in one spot or another, moves all over the body, but there is nothing there. It's quickly there and then gone. Sometimes it'll be once, other times it'll be once here, then in a few seconds again somewhere else.

    1. These wacky symptoms can really drive us nuts! My MS neuro once said that if you say ___ is happening, it probably is. Sometimes that is our only relief--just knowing that it's not in our heads. Best, Debbie (Team Member)

    2. I’ve had this sensation for years. (Long before my diagnosis.

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