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Any recommendations on an adaptive bike?

Can anyone recommend an "adaptive bike" for use by a person like me, with MS for 25 years. I use Lofstrand crutches to walk, hold on to surfaces & walls indoors. General weakness and other symptoms = I'd need a lightweight bike so I could push it to park/lock it when done, a place on it to place my crutches(though I was considering somehow putting them in a bag on my back). Big enough wheels so that I could manage bumpy roads, as I have scoliosis and am quite thin. I'd need an electric/battery powered bike that I could cycle on and use the battery as needed. thanks again!

  1. Hi Momadd!
    Here is an article regarding bike riding that you may find very helpful from one of our writers and moderators with MS;
    Here is another article discussing various exercises as well - one of which includes a hand bicycling! Have you thought about doing this?
    Also, more information regarding adaptive bikes from the National MS Society;

    Hoping you find these helpful!
    Meagan, Team Member

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